ASUS ROG Crosshair X670E Hero AMD Ryzen X670 AM5 ATX motherboard

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Take your gaming experience to the next level with the ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR X670E EXTREME AM5 E-ATX Motherboard. Leveraging high-powered components, the CROSSHAIR gives gamers and creators alike a solid foundation for their next build.

Designed to leverage AMD’s AM5 socket, you can equip the CROSSHAIR with a variety of Ryzen 7000 Series processors. The X670 chipset offers enhanced multitasking with four dual-channel DDR5 RAM slots, allowing you to install up to 128GB of memory. Sporting a unique storage layout suitable for large gaming libraries, you get six standard SATA III port for 2.5 and 3.5″ drives while five M.2 PCIe 5.0 interfaces are split between on-board locations and the included ROG GEN-Z.2 and PCIe 5.0 M.2 expansion cards. Two PCIe 5.0 x16 slots and one PCIe 4.0 x4 slot offer support for a wide range of graphics and utility cards. Connect your peripherals from controllers to audio equipment with USB4, USB 3.2 Gen 2×2, and USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports or use Bluetooth 5.3 technology to utilize wireless connectivity for a cable-free experience. Connect to your network with dual RJ45 ports giving you 2.5 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet speeds, suitable for enhanced network connectivity or use the built-in Wi-Fi 6E (802.11ax) wireless tech if a wired connection is unavailable.


Overclocking Technologies

AI Overclocking fine-tunes your system faster, automatically raising the performance of your system to reach greater heights, taking your games to the next level. Dynamic OC Switcher uses AMD Precision Boost Overdrive to push your CPU for faster Multi- and Single-Threaded performance. Additionally, you get Core Flex, Asynchronous Clock, PBO Enhancement, and ROG True Volician technology to enhance your overclocking capabilities for your processor, thermals, and more. ROG Overclocker’s Toolkit gives you access to hardware-focused tools for greater manual access including Safe Boot button, BCLK buttons, Retry button, RSVD switch Probelt measurement points, LN2 mode jumper, Slow Mode switch, and dual-BIOS switch.

Power Solution

MicroFine alloy chokes, 10K black metallic capacitors, 20+2 VRM power stages, and two ProCool connectors ensure greater power efficiency throughout the entire motherboard, enhancing performance for all of your installed components.


With four Dual-Channel DDR5 RAM slots, you can enhance your multitasking capabilities. AMD EXtended Profiles for Overclocking (EXPO) support optimizes your memory modules for greater performance. ASUS Enhanced Memory Profile (AEMP) is an exclusive firmware feature for PMIC-restricted memory modules. AEMP automatically detects the memory chips on your kit and then presents optimized frequency, timing, and voltage profiles that you can effortlessly apply to unleash performance.


Tons of Heat Sinks
Designed to prevent throttling, the CROSSHAIR is outfitted with an array of heatsinks that cover key components. VRM and aluminum I/O heat sink, high-conductivity thermal pads, solid steel backplate, M.2 heat sink, and the chipset heat sink all work together to draw heat away from their respective areas, ensuring your system runs at optimal capacity.

Thermal Management

Embracing both air and liquid cooling, the CROSSHAIR has several headers located strategically around the motherboard for easy and convenient connectivity. Multiple temperature sources read thermal buildup, 4-pin PWM/DC fan headers control your air cooling capabilities, and the included ROG fan controller enhances your thermal control so you can add even more fans to your system. For liquid cooling users, dedicated water pump, water in/out, and water flow sensors ensure your system is experiencing proper tracing for custom loops.


To ensure forward longevity, AMD has embraced previous cooling solutions, allowing you to use any AM4 cooler on the AM5 CPU, so you can easily bring over any previous AiO or custom loops with minimal issues.

ROG Fan Controller

The ROG Fan Controller offers an additional six headers that can be controlled via FanXpert 4. The card features two temperature-sensor headers, along with two thermistors that can be attached to various components. There are also six ARGB headers to illuminate ARGB fans.


PCIe 5.0
The CROSSHAIR features two onboard M.2 PCIe 5.0 slots that can deliver up to fast 16 GB/s data transfer speeds for quick application loading. ROG GEN-Z.2 is a DIMM.2 module that also features the PCIe 5.0 interface and can hold up to two additional M.2 drives. For even more storage, the included PCIe 5.0 M.2 Card features an additional 22110 SSD slot. Two x16 expansion slots deliver up to 64 GB/s transfer speeds for your graphics and utility cards. SafeSlot retention brackets and Q-Release buttons add durability and allow for quick installation and removal of your equipment.

USB Ports

USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 adds an additional lane that can boost Type-C data transfers with speeds of up to 20 Gb/s. The port also features Quick Charge 4+ technology that can quickly charge devices up to 60W. Each USB4 port delivers up to 40 Gb/s of bidirectional bandwidth for the latest super-speed devices and drives. External display support reaches up to 8K output if one of the ports is in use, or both can be employed for dual 4K displays.


Onboard Wi-Fi 6E technology takes advantage of newly available spectrum in the 6 GHz band to provide up to seven 160 MHz channels for ultrafast throughput and better performance in dense wireless environments. Designed to meet the demanding requirements of power users and content creators, onboard Marvell AQtion 10 Gb/s Ethernet provides a new level of home networking. With up to 10 times the bandwidth of standard gigabit Ethernet, you’ll enjoy streaming uncompressed 4K UHD videos, system backups, and file transfers that are faster than ever before. Onboard Intel 2.5 Gb/s Ethernet gives your wired connection a boost, with speeds that are 2.5 times faster than standard Ethernet connections for speedy file transfers, lag-free gaming, and high-resolution video streaming.

Audio Enhancements

ROG SupremeFX audio technology delivers 113 dB signal-to-noise ratio on the line-in connection to provide exceptional recording quality. There’s also a low-dropout regulator for cleaner power delivery to the SupremeFX ALC4082 codec, and an integrated ESS ES9218 quad DAC capable of reaching -115dB THD+N for superior front-panel output. The combined solution allows for end-to-end 32-bit 384 kHz resolution playback that conveys all the subtlety and nuances of each audio track. Audio line shielding blocks electromagnetic interference from the motherboard or add-ons to provide cleaner audio. Switching MOSFETS have a design allowing the codec’s impedance-sensing function to be ported with either the front or rear headphone outputs. Fine-quality capacitors produce a warmer, natural sound with exceptional clarity and fidelity.


Intelligent Control

AI Cooling balances the thermals and acoustics of any build with a single click. A proprietary ASUS algorithm slashes unnecessary noise while running a quick stress test, and then monitors CPU temperatures to dynamically adjust fans to optimal speeds. Two-Way AI Noise Cancellation leverages a massive deep-learning database to reduce over 5 million types of background noise from incoming or outgoing audio. AI Networking GameFirst VI optimizes networking performance by allocating bandwidth in real time based on application usage scenarios and corresponding learning algorithms.

AI Suite 3

The TurboV Processing Unit is an intelligent onboard micro-controller that provides an array of system-tuning features, including the ability to fine-tune voltages, monitor system stats, and adjust overclocking parameters. The Digi+ voltage-regular module delivers real-time control over voltage droop, switching frequency, and power-efficiency settings, allowing you to fine-tune CPU voltage regulation for stability. ASUS Turbo app lets you assign applications to specific processor cores, prioritizing computing power where its needed most.


The renowned ROG UEFI BIOS provides everything you need to configure, tweak, and tune your rig. It offers intelligently simplified options for newcomers to PC DIY, as well as more comprehensive features for seasoned veterans with Advanced and EZ modes.

Differential Sensing

Conventional motherboards use single-ended sensing tapped from a location that isn’t ideal, leading to a large disparity between the actual voltage fed to the CPU and the value reported to software. The ROG CROSSHAIR X670E EXTREME features a differential-sensing circuit and delicate IC that simplify overclocking and tuning by allowing you to track voltages more accurately.


Anime Matrix LED Display

The Anime Matrix LED Display features an RGB grid of mini LEDs that can be programmed with custom lighting designs and unique animations. For added immersion, sound-triggered effects can be selected to add visualizations to live audio or even pulse to the rhythm of a person’s voice.

Aura Sync

Up your game with complementary Aura Sync enhanced aesthetics, featuring preset lighting effects that can be easily synchronized across compatible ROG graphics cards, monitors, keyboards, and mice to give your setup a unified look.


LiveDash is a built-in 2-inch OLED panel that adds life and flavor to the center of your rig. During startup, the display shows traditional POST codes to help with monitoring and troubleshooting, and while the system is running it can be programmed to show system metrics, such as CPU frequency and temperature. But if you want to add a personal touch, the default GIF can be replaced with a custom image or animation.

Gaming Audio

Sonic Studio supports HRTF-based virtual surround for headsets, casting an immersive aural landscape that draws you deeper into the action. The intuitive Sonic Studio interface also offers a range of EQ options and one-click presets, allowing you to tailor acoustics to suit personal preferences or the characteristics of your headset. Through the pre-loaded DTS Sound Unbound app, the motherboard envelops you in rich audio, conjuring whole new levels of immersion for extraordinary gaming and entertainment experiences. By exploiting Microsoft spatial sound technology, DTS Sound Unbound creates an audial 3D space – putting you right in the middle of the soundscape, where you can sense the location and direction of every gunshot, footstep, or other sound in your virtual environment.

Armory Crate

Armoury Crate is a software utility designed to give you centralized control of supported gaming products, making it easy to tune the look and feel of your system. From a single intuitive interface, Armoury Crate helps you customize RGB lighting and effects for compatible devices and synchronize them with Aura Sync to create a unified lighting scheme across your system. In addition, Armoury Crate’s Fan Xpert4 tool provides comprehensive control over fans, water pumps, and AIO coolers. You can also use Armoury Crate to download drivers, software, and user manuals, register products, and tap into a special news feed that connects you to the global ASUS gaming community.

AIDA64 Extreme

A one-year AIDA64 Extreme subscription gives you access to detailed information about hardware and software, as well as benchmarks to measure the performance of the entire system or individual components. AIDA64 Extreme includes a monitoring and diagnostics feature to detect and prevent hardware issues. All vital system sensors can be tracked in real time, allowing voltage readings, fan speeds, and temperature information to be displayed on the desktop or sent to dedicated displays or to the LCD panels of ROG AIO liquid coolers

Graphics Card Holder

Featuring a magnetic base and adjustable slider and hinge, the ROG Graphics Card Holder banishes sag and provides support where it’s needed most.