Deepcool Thermal Paste Z3

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The DQ1250 uses 80PLUS PLATINUM and maintains 90% to 94% electrical efficiency, allowing for heat generation and cost reduction. PSU’s Deep cool is extremely popular because of its outstanding performance. In addition, this product continues to output 1250W at 50 degrees or less. Equipped with a low noise fan that moves at a speed of 140 mm, it is one of the best for gamers. 80PLUS PLATINUM 80PLUS PLATINUM has an energy efficiency of up to 90%. If you would like to view the certificate on the official website of 80PLUS, please click here. Module cable system. The module cable system has a neat appearance because it can connect only the necessary cables. 2 layer EMI filter 2 layer EMI filter suppresses electromagnetic interference so that your electronic devices are not cut off. 80 PLUS Platinum certification: 90-94% electrical efficiency (20-100% loading) to reduce power costs Intel ATX12V 2. 3 & SSI EPS 12V 2. 92 standard compliant. Consistently holds power of 50 degrees: 1250W Japanese strong capacitor (105 degrees) enables DC stability and high performance Dual 12 V: Power Rail gives perfect performance What loading environment But it works A wide range of voltage output from 90 ~ 264V is available with automatic switch circuit. Dual EMI filter prevents electromagnetic interference and suppresses noise. Energy efficient design, power supply with energy efficient design Less than 1 W consumption when not in use . Corresponds to Erp standard Flat module cable design reduces air resistance caused by normal cable placement and enhances cooling system function for long cable design, Easy handling of cables. Highly reliable mean time between failures Can be used for at least 120, 000 hours. Circuit : Over voltage protection circuit, Output under voltage protection, Over current protection circuit, Over temperature protection circuit, Short circuit protection circuit, Over power protection circuit. Model: DQ1250 Type: ATX 12V V2. 31 Certification: 80PLUS Platinum Dimensions: 150 x 200 x 86 mm (W x H x H) Output Capability: 1250 W Input Voltage: 100-240V Input current: 15A Input frequency range: 47-63 Hz Fan size: 140 mm Power factor correction: active power factor correction (> 0. 95) Power good signal: 100 -500 ms retention time: 16 ms

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