VIVE Focus 3


Masterful all-in-one VR


High-Fidelity Hand Tracking

Remote Collaboration

Work with your team across physical distance and multiple locations. Engage just like in-person with powerful and interactive VR tools.

Marketing & Design Visualization
Take your campaign into the immersive dimension of VR. Visualize concepts from all angles and scales, design exhilarating customer interactions, and maximize reach with virtual events.
Training Simulations
Effectively equip your employees with the proper skillsets. Reduce cost and improve the safety of your training program.
Therapy & Rehabilitation
The future of medicine is here. Leverage the unlimited potential of VR in health care, from remote diagnosis and cognitive therapy to injury rehab and more.
Learning & Education
Make learning and teaching more fun, convenient and engaging via immersive VR experiences.
Location-based Experiences
Reimagine the possibilities of museums, concert halls, and theme parks. Never-before-seen applications for designing and experiencing exhibitions and entertainment performances


5K resolution – Sharpest viewing experience

Immersive 3D spatial sound
PC rendering with VIVE Business Streaming
Counter-balanced ergonomics
Wide range of adjustable inter-pupillary distance
Active cooling
Precision hand gestures
Patented Quick Release Button

In-box Items

  • VIVE Focus 3 headset

    Controller (L)

    Controller (R)

    Lanyards x 2

    AC adapter

    Splitter cable (Charging only)

    Lens cleaning cloth